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Ecan: Smart Recycle Bin Rewards Users That Keep Town Clean

A project in New York City promises to reward conscious citizens who help keep the city clean with virtual currency rewards. Named after ECan, a smart wastebasket looks like a regular trash bin, but comes with an infrared sensor that detects when someone throws trash into it.

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<p>A barcode reader identifies what is being thrown away, and a touchscreen panel allows the user to identify himself to accumulate points and redeem them in the future. Points can be redeemed for a virtual currency created for the project called Emrals. It's a more humane version of Bitcoin, already acquired with real-world action, explains Sean Auriti, creator of the smart bin. </p><div class=

The dumpster uses a Raspberry Pi chip and is powered by solar panels. The manufacturing cost of $ 380 is still high for scalability, but it is Auriti's idea that ECans spread across the streets of the world to reward the people who help keep our cities clean. And you, what did you think of the idea?

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