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Earn to Die | AndroidPIT

In the case of a (im) likely zombie apocalypse, one of the things to be prepared for is to make trucks jump and race them to fight the myriads of zombies that want to populate the whole earth. This is at least the basic principle of Earn to Die, a game set in the possible future. To find out more about its qualities, keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy S2Android version: 4.1.2Root: SimMods: None

Earn to Die joins the tradition of 2D racing games. If anyone doesn't remember a good example for smartphones, we cite here Hill Climb Racing. Today's game is in many ways very similar to the famous title, with the difference that it brings the racing adrelanine associated with an apocalyptic scenario.

The basic concept of the simplest game: zombies appear before the player and the player must aim to survive to the end of the level in question. Vehicle controls are located on the peripheral parts of the screen: from the accelerator, most importantly, to complementary buttons that move the vehicle forward or backward.

In graphic terms, the game has a very functional look and even has a schematic air. The feeling of a steel and speed game with a lot of realism. Zombies, ironically, are the least refined elements of the game graphically speaking.

The difference from Hill Climb Racing is that in Earn to Die it will be necessary to overcome zombies to move to the next level. Watch out for the fuel level as if it reaches zero it means the game is over.

Apart from these elements, the player must still take care of improving his vehicle. There are several improvements that can be used: wheels, larger tanks and weapons, not to mention even new vehicles. Once the Story mode was finalized, there was still the Highscore mode to be proved. Haloween mode allows the player to focus on destroying witches, while Champion mode focuses on the player's performance over the best time.

The game lacks an Infinite mode.


Earn to Die is based on a great concept and extends it through a very original setting. The fun is guaranteed in fast racing or with the possibility of improving the quality of vehicles. The game becomes a little repetitive after a few hours and in the long run it becomes a little difficult to maintain the continuous pressure on the gas button.

Screen & Controls

Earn to Die works great and simple to use. The buttons are for the basic movements of the game and the controls require some practice. The menus and graphics work very well together, although we are of the opinion that the richness in detail could be greater.

Speed ​​& Stability

Earn to Die worked very well during our tests and we didn't even experience any unwanted interruptions.

Price / Performance Ratio

Earn to Die can be purchased from the AndroidPIT App Center for $ 0.95 or $ 2.44. The game is a bit repetitive, but the many modes and accessories minimize this fact. There is a Lite version that can be used as a test and decisive to buy the full version.

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