Aviso antecipado de ECG no Apple Watch salva vida de médico de 66 anos

Early ECG warning on Apple Watch saves 66-year-old doctor's life

The resource ECG (electrocardiogram) of Apple Watch has the function of indicating the user's atrial fibrillation, heart rate of the person using the smart watch. If the pressure is irregular, Apple's wearable alerts its owner through a report and, many times, these measurements end up saving lives.


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The most recent case where a Apple Watch helped a person with serious health problems it happened in California, United States, with the anesthesiologist Dr. Donald W. Milne. Donald, who is now 66, said that his smartwatch’s ECG pointed to a critical heart disease that required a bypass operation. According to him, thanks to the early warning, it was possible to start the process to take care of your health in time and save your life.

According to website 9to5mac, Dr. Donald W. Milne works at the Antelope Valley hospital and came to share his story writing for no one less than Tim Cook, current Apple CEO. Check out the letter below:

"I have the first generation of Apple Watch to be able to do cardiac monitoring. I know that the main use of it is to monitor atrial fibrillation. As a 66-year-old anesthesiologist, I use the watch for many occasions.

However, a few months ago, I was working on an elliptical machine and I felt more short of breath than usual for training and I used the ECG function to take the measurement at that time.

I noticed a message from the ST segment on the chart. This normalized with rest, but was again documented by the outlines. I had no history of any heart disease before this incident.

A consultation with my doctor doing an ECG at rest in his office showed everything normal. However, when showing the plot with ischemia, she agreed with the graph and referred me to a cardiologist at John Muir Concord hospital.

He also agreed with the assessment and, when performing an angiogram yesterday, a critical diffuse coronary artery disease was found and I am now preparing for a 5-vessel bypass and artery valve replacement for July 13, 2020.

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Without tracking the Apple Watch, I would never have known I had a disease in time to be able to intervene before having a potentially fatal heart attack.

The Apple Watch clearly saved my life".

Stories like this happen from time to time, proving that the ECG technology on the Apple Watch is really proficient for users with health problems. In March, we published a news about the Apple Watch having an irregularity is detected in the heart condition of its user while professional hospital devices failed to find the reason for the 80-year-old patient's illness.

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