EA presents several games to users, including in Brazil

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THE Electronic Arts (EA) has a very fun promotion, which presents promotional codes for 7 of their games, every day, to anyone who wants to. See how to get your prize.

The whole process is very easy: the only thing you need to do is access this page directly on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The page will open and you will see a banner appear, informing you of the promotion. Touch the green button “Play Now“.

Watch the animation happen and then touch the green button again, which now marks “TAP TO SPIN”.

The roulette wheel will start to spin and will show your prize. It’s not luck, you always win. 🙂

Touch the yellow button that says “GET YOUR CODE”. A window will appear for you to enter your email and the country where you have an App Store account. Brazil is in the options, Portugal unfortunately not. Enter a valid email address where you will receive the game code, for free.

With the code in hand, just redeem it normally in the App Store, at the link Rescue. If you’ve never done that, check out our tutorial.

There are 7 different games you can win: Tetris, Mass Effect Infiltrator, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, The Sims 3, Mirror’s Edge, Skate It and Lemonade Tyconn. After the roulette wheel has run, you will only be able to play again the next day. The promotion is for a limited time and soon it will no longer exist. So, enjoy. ?

ATTENTION: The Battlesfield Bad Company game is not available in the Brazilian store, due to indicative rating issues. But if you get the code, you can download the game normally, smoothly. However, you will not receive future updates from him, as he does not exist in the national store. One solution is to request a code for an account in another country.

How to earn more than one code per day?

Okay, EA created a system to give only one code per day. But there are ways to get more than one. Nothing illegal, everything within the law. ?

First, if you have more than one iOS device, you can get a game for each one. An iPhone and an iPad, for example, or an iPod touch. Each is worth a code a day. Just follow the same procedure described in this article and you’re done. But remember to use different email addresses for each device.

Just have an iOS device? No problem. You can use several different browsers to get the codes. For example, get the code on Safari and then repeat the process in Chrome. You will then get another code.

Want to get the code from your computer? May also. If you haven’t already installed it, install the Safari desktop (Windows or Mac) and open the promotion page as if it were a mobile page. Find out how to do this in our tutorial.

I think that this way you will be able to guarantee all the gifts, won’t you? But hurry, because the promotion will not last long. ?