EA Play Live brings Star Wars: Squadrons and more news

EA Play Live brings Star Wars: Squadrons and more news

The EA Play Live online event revealed several games coming soon to PCs and consoles, and reaffirmed the company's commitment to diversity

This Thursday (06/18), the AND THE held the event Play Live with a great responsibility on his back: trying to attract a considerable audience of journalists and players after the successful event of Sony with the unveiling of the PlayStation 5 and several games announced for the new console.

The event EA Play Live focused on games while addressing the transition to the next generation, making the company provide many reasons to purchase the next consoles, in addition to taking care not to neglect players who still own the current generation consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 , Xbox One or even a more modest PC.

Let's take a look at the biggest ads and trailers for the event.

Skate is back!

Without showing any gameplay, the EA Play Live event began following the request of many players asking for a new game in the franchise Skateboard. In a special video, the game director, Deran Chung, revealed some details about his new work and made viewers very anxious.

Apex Legends with crossplay

The EA event started with great news for all fans of Apex Legends: the game is being ported to the Nintendo Switch it's the Steam! In addition, the game will have crossplay functionality until the end of the year, which will allow players from several different platforms (PS4, Origin, Xbox One, Steam and Nintendo Switch) to play with each other.

Apex Legends on EA Play Live Apex Legends go out to other platforms and have crossplay

As for the game news that should appear before the cross-play, Apex Legends is hosting a “Fortune’s Favor” event for the fifth season, which involves collecting treasures and more skins, scheduled for release on June 23. An “Armed and dangerous evolved” mode is also coming, with mobile headlights to revive.

For diversity at EA Play Live

During the opening of the event, EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, commented on diversity and how the company is committed to making this aspect so relevant in our society to become increasingly present in games, and also in the company's staff.

In addition to female characters gaining more prominence in games, the company has in mind the Sims 4 an example for the diversity in the game's avatars and players community. The game features gender customization, which allows you to choose clothes, voice styles and gender neutral personalities, one of the highlights that led the company to be recognized as one of the 10 most innovative by Diversity Journal in 2017.

Diversity in The Sims 4 At EA Play Live, the company commented on the diversity in its games

The new co-op game It Takes Two

The director of A Way Out, Josef Fares, revealed the company's next game Hazelight and, unsurprisingly, another cooperative game. It Takes Two It is an action and adventure platform game about magic dolls brought to life by Rose, a child whose parents are going through a divorce.

Josef Fares himself described his creation:

“The couple's minds are transported to two dolls that their daughter, Rose, made to represent them. Now they have to reluctantly find a way to get back to their bodies, a mission that takes them on the wildest, most unexpected and fantastic journey imaginable. ”

The stadium aims to launch in 2021, but has not yet specified the platforms on which the title will be available.

A great adventure in Lost in Random

The kingdom is under a curse and you are playing dice to raise it. This, in general, is the premise of the next game of the Zoink, Lost in Random. Even the hero who needs to roll dice to defeat evil alongside his companion Dicey.

Both the visuals and the mechanics of the game seem very interesting and we are looking forward to more details of this title.

The explosive Rocket Arena

During the presentation of EA Play Live, the developer Final Strike Games revealed new details and gameplay footage from its multiplayer shooter, Rocket Arena, a new title that is coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One – complete with crossplay – in mid-July.

Rocket Arena features 10 colorful heroes, each bringing skills and lots of rockets. The game has seasonal content, with a constant flow of characters, maps and skins being added to the game over time. You will also be getting your own "Blast Pass", which will be launched alongside its first official season, as of July 28.

The Rocket Arena will be released on PS4, PC (Origin / Steam) and Xbox One on July 14.

The impressive Star Wars: Squadrons

Earlier this week, EA left players impressed (and eager for more information) with Star Wars: Squadrons. And, as expected, the gameplay of the game was revealed during EA Play Live. In the game you can choose between two pilots at the beginning (Aliana Rebelde or Imprio) with the game's campaign mode or enter multiplayer mode with eight different types of ships.

Stars Wars: Squadrons it will be a class-based shooter, with different types of ships (support, bomber) and various modes, such as dogfights (5v5) and fleet battles (“conflicts of various stages”). In addition, the fight against AI / bots has also been confirmed (meaning that it will be possible to play the game even in offline mode).

Most important of all, EA finally seems to have learned from the Star Wars Battlefront II and now any special or cosmetic item will be released just by "playing the game". Below you can see the video of the incredible gameplay of this game that will be released in October 2 for PC (Origin / Steam), PS4 and Xbox One.

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