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EA Launches Halcyon Experimental Engine with Linux and VULKAN Support

During an event in Munich (Germany), EA showed off its experimental gaming engine with support for Linux and VULKAN.

During the Khronos Meetup event in Munich (Germany) that took place last weekend (26th, 27th and 28th), EA unveiled its experimental gaming engine with support for VULKAN and surprisingly for Linux too.

  EA experimental Halcyon engine with Linux and VULKAN support

Presenting it was Senior Rendering Engineer II, Graham Wihlidal of the SEED (Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division) division of EA looking for Extraordinary projects.

What was surprising was that EA started using VULKAN on a gaming engine, which is already being used on other engines like Unreal Engine and the CryEngineIn addition to bringing support for Linux as well.

The project will work with the latest APIs of the moment, such as DX12 (Windows), Vulkan 1.1 (Windows, Linux) and Metal 2 (Apple). A sample of how to be the Engine with the video below EA.

As we can see, a promising project and it seems to bring better quality to the games and a much greater realism.

Many have been wondering if EA will bring their games to this new engine and make them available for Linux, a difficult question, but that's the first step. If one day we didn't have Steam on Linux and now we have, who knows the future with EA, no?

Such a very good move to market competition opens up a wider range of options, bringing new multiplatform tools,

If you want to see further the project, you can access here and here.

Hope to see you next and a big hug.


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