€ 2 billion to democratize broadband in France

Broadband is already a universal right in Finland

The French government will provide 2 billion euros to expand and improve broadband Internet access in the country, announced Prime Minister François Fillon.

Speaking to the press, the government official said it was unacceptable that 500,000 French people still had no access to broadband Internet.

The plan is to provide national operators with funds to expand their high-speed Internet access networks by charging low interest rates on the loan.

The objective is to encourage the installation of this type of infrastructure in smaller cities and rural areas, reducing the current inequality in access to Internet services.

Along with subsidies for the implementation of the new networks, the availability of 2.5 billion euros was also announced to support the development of innovative services and content for the customer.

The amount released, totaling € 4.5 billion, will be administered through a new fund for the digital economy.

Among the novelties announced by the French executive is also the experimental launch of a shared fiber optic network in two suburbs of Paris, with the participation of three operators, and also the investment in a new generation satellite that will be able to offer Internet access from high speed, at a reasonable price, in isolated areas within a 4-year time horizon.

The Prime Minister also challenged Internet providers to launch a «social tariff» that offered a triple play service for around 20 euros, aimed at low-income families.