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DXVK 1.5 is released and with built-in D9VK

One of the great surprises of the year 2019 was the unfamiliar DXVK project, which now ranks as one of the most important gears for making Windows-only games compatible with Linux.

For those who are coming now and not understanding much, the project DXVK an interpreter between DirectX to Vulkan, and along with Wine makes it possible to play thousands of games made just for Windows at the Linux. To see our coverage on DXVK, you can check out the stories here.

So far, DXVK covered only DirectX versions 10 and 11, and version 12, but still in beta. J o DirectX 9 did not yet have a cover, and that was the origin of the D9VK project that does exactly that cover. How D9VK, several games have started to play satisfactorily, such as Batman Arkham Asylum, Dead Space 1 and 2, Mass Effect 1 and 2 among others. But now, everything will be in one project. With this, games on Dx9 can perform better using the Wine/Steamplay (Proton), as before the WineD3D translation was used for the OpenGL.

DXVK now covers all versions of DirectX (Dx) in one code, without the need for two projects for the same purpose. With this, DXVK version 1.5 will make this complete coverage.

Some games have been improved in this version, such as Atelier Ryza, Crysis 3, Fifa 19, Star Citizen and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. To see all the improvements in DXVK, you can consult here. There was a statement by Philip Rebohle, creator of DXVK, to the GamingOnLinux site, which was as follows:

Basically, by not changing much, bugs will still be fixed, and if a game requires a feature to run, it will be implemented. DXVK has been more or less complete for some time now, and most of the changes in 1.4.x were bug fixes and some point optimizations. What I want to avoid going forward are large-scale code base changes, as they tend to introduce flaws, and it's getting harder and harder to debug new problems.

For me, this is very good and I think it will greatly improve this migration of games for Linux, especially the older ones that use Dx9 or some newer like LoL for example, can gain a performance up and thus bringing new users . I also hope that Proton will soon be able to migrate to the base of Wine 5.0, thus bringing more improvements and news.

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