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DxOMark shares the best smartphone cameras of the year

O DxOMark It is the reference site for camera quality analysis on smartphones and was cited here at MC all year long. For convenience, the portal gives mobile phones a full rating to evaluate each camera, but we know, as he points out, that each device ends up standing out in some specific aspect. Check out some of the listed devices and their main features below.

Joker camera

Huawei has gained prominence with the Mate 30 Pro, a device that can make good photos in virtually every situation, winning the DxOMark Prize for Versatility. It is also important to note that the handset has gained the highest score and occupies the top of the ranking, it is hard not to argue that it has the best camera in the world on a smartphone.

Video recordings

The king of the video, according to DxOMark The iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Apple phone should serve well those who need to make their recordings, including excellent HDR. In addition, the Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition also gained prominence, a very recent device that came as a surprise.


To enjoy using the camera's zoom feature, the Nu CC9 Pro Premium Edition also appears to be indicated, the 108MP sensor helps with that by maintaining photo quality and working with two telephoto lenses, one 2x and one 3.7x .

Wide angle

Difficult to compete with the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G when it comes to wide-angle photography, the testing company explained its choice by saying that Samsung's phone offered one of the widest fields of view, as well as good results indoors or outdoors. .

Night photos

In a tough category for any smartphone, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro has the advantage, the handset achieving the best photo balance in low light situations, according to the website.


For those looking for good selfies, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G should not disappoint, photos and videos should be delivered with excellent quality.

Via: Android Authority Source: DxOMark. [TagsToTranslate] cameras