DxOMark: Motorola One Zoom main camera good, secondary crap

The website DxOMark reference in camera analysis and throughout 2019 made several analyzes that helped us to see all smartphones and their photography and video capabilities in general. Analyzing various aspects of mobile phones, the high credibility portal announced the review of the Motorola One Zoom, scoring 87 and stating that the main camera of the device is good and that the wide-angle lens, telephoto and depth sensor of the most options for those who like photography.

The analysis highlights the positive points of the phone compared to its price, but reinforces that the secondary cameras are lacking. However, the main camera of the phone got some positives, it has precise autofocus, can make good background blur shots and also has good exposure with flash on. Already the telephoto has difficulty in various situations and failed to do very well in the tests, although it is an option for zoom photography.

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In addition, the dynamic range also appears to be limited, with artifacts and slow auto focus in some cases. Nonetheless, the autofocus tool works well, the long duration being the only problem.

O DxOMark Following with the analysis mentioning that the video recording and its stabilization work well, the autofocus can also lock into the target with certain accuracy and under all lighting conditions. The amount of noise remains low even at night. Despite these positives, the level of detail was marked low with inaccurate color rendering.

The site's conclusion that the device can be quite versatile for its segment is even affordable, but it is not as impressive for the quality of photography and video. Check out the site analysis in detail at this address.

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