DXOMARK: camera focus chart

DXOMARK evaluates iPhone 11 front camera – and it loses to the 11 Pro Max

To complete its test series, the DXOMARK released its final evaluation of the front camera of the iPhone 11 – yes, eight months after it was released. Previously, the firm had already tested the model’s rear camera, as well as the front and rear cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The camera selfies of the iPhone 11 hit 91 points in the lab tests, one less than the one obtained by the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Probably, you may be asking yourself: “But aren’t the front cameras the same?” Well, the answer is yes … and no.

Despite having practically identical specifications (12MP sensor with aperture ƒ/2.2), in practice the biggest difference between the front cameras of the iPhones 11 and 11 Pro [Max] it’s in the focus, according to DXOMARK.

Given that the specifications of the front camera of the iPhone 11 (provided by Apple) are identical to those of the high-end iPhone 11 Pro Max, it is not surprising that the overall results are very similar between the two models. That said, there are some differences – the main one being the focal length.

In this sense, the “problem” that DXOMARK encountered was when shooting at greater distances (with a selfie, for example); in these scenarios, the photos on the front camera of the iPhone 11 come out more blurred when compared to other smartphone cameras – including the iPhone 11 Pro Max itself, as seen in the following graphic:

DXOMARK: camera focus chart

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In practice, it is possible to check (and compare) the effectiveness of the front camera focus in cropping the images below, taken with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy S10 + (from Samsung):

Front camera tests

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On the other hand, the iPhone 11 does a little better (compared to the model flagship) regarding color and noise management. The exposure is accurate under bright light and under typical indoor conditions, and decreases only in low light. Video images also show pleasant colors, with good white balance and smooth transitions in changing light conditions.

Finally, the score of 91 on the front camera of the iPhone 11 was not enough for it to appear on the Top 10 of the DXOMARK ranking. Therefore, of the latest Apple devices, only the iPhone 11 Pro Max remains in that classification (including, it went from 91 to 92 points sometime between now and the original test, in January). ??‍♂️

You can check the complete analysis of the DXOMARK from the front camera of the iPhone 11 here.

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