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DxO Labs test ranks iPhone 8 Plus camera as best on smartphone Рwith iPhone 8 second [atualizado 2x: Galaxy Note8 empata o jogo, Pixel 2 ̩ o novo rei]

If you haven't noticed yet, today is the day of iPhone 8. As consumers in many countries become the first to get their hands on Ma's new smartphones, various reviews, durability tests, benchmarks, disassemblies and more begin to invade the vast and frightening world of the internet.

One of the most awaited tests, however, has just come out and with extremely encouraging news for Apple. THE DxO Labs, a well-known photographic software company that does some of the most respected camera and lens performance testing, today released the results of the iPhones 8/8 Plus and has an impressive verdict: in the firm's judgment, the two gadgets have the best cameras already placed on smartphones.

The advantage, as expected, was the iPhone 8 Plus, which won over 94 points on DxOMark; his younger brother got a score of 92. Both are the two largest ever recorded, the crown holders were Google Pixel and HTC U11, which had 90 points. The iPhone 7 Plus and 7 are the following in the ranking, with scores 88 and 85, respectively.

DxO Labs has stated that photos taken with the two new iPhones are “impressive”, feature accurate color reproduction and excellent level of detail; HDR processing, according to the test, would also be greatly improved over that of iPhones 7/7 Plus. The iPhone 8 Plus specifically still has the best effect. bokeh (that of Portrait Mode, which blurs the background of the photo) is already found on a smartphone, analysts say.

Below are two comparisons made by the lab, both in the following order: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Google Pixel, and iPhone 7 Plus.

"iPhone "iPhone

iPhone 8 left; iPhone 8 Plus Direct

"Google "iPhone

Google Pixel Left; iPhone 7 Plus Direct

"iPhone "iPhone

iPhone 8 left; iPhone 8 Plus Direct

"Google "DxO

Google Pixel Left; iPhone 7 Plus Direct

Okay, it may be my poorly trained eye, but only I found the Pixel results better in both situations?

The complete test, with several other comparisons, can be seen here. Now we are awaiting the iPhone X camera verdict which, as DxO Labs itself has said, is likely to benefit from the even wider aperture on the telephoto camera and being able to outperform all the devices mentioned here. We will see.

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Update 10/03/2017 s 16:55

With some delay, DxO Labs today published the results of its tests with the Galaxy Note8 whose video capabilities have already been compared with those of the iPhone in this post. Not surprisingly, the new phablet Samsung did very well in testing; so good, by the way, that it tied with the iPhone 8 Plus in the first place of the disputed mobile cameras dispute, with 94 points.

Separating the scores between photos and videos, it is very clear that Samsung's device is the champion when it comes to still images, while Ma's smartphone wins the shoot: Note8 received 100 points in the photo test (the largest in the review story). ) and was praised mostly for its optical zoom, considered far better than its rival's; the video score was 84. Already the iPhone 8 Plus got 96 points for photos and 89 points for videos.

, my friends and my friends, the fight is very interesting

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Update II by Rafael Fischmann 10/04/2017 s 17:42

Launched today, the Pixel 2 it's the Pixel 2 XL, by Google, are the new kings of the parade with 98 points in the DxOMark test.

We'll see how much Apple can make with the iPhone X.