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Duty Free Dufry from Guarulhos wins a kind of Apple shop with interesting prices

Last year, a new Fnac located at Guarulhos Airport generated a huge buzz when promising iPhones for the same prices in the United States, which later ended up requiring more clarification.

Now, by surprise, the Duty Free Dufry there also located in Terminal 3, won today (15/8) a kind of Apple shopthis, a ?Store-in-store? which follows a defined Apple standard somewhat different from its Retail Stores. We see spaces like this inside Fast Shops, here in Brazil, and in Best Buys, outside just to mention two examples.

Apple shop at Duty Free Dufry in Guarulhos

According to the SEE So Paulo, the new store has an area of ??58 square meters and, unlike Fnac, sells other Apple products besides iPhones such as Macs, iPads and Apple TV.

Apple shop at Duty Free Dufry in Guarulhos

Daniela Amaral, international purchasing manager at Dufry, explained LOOK that store visitors "are not subject to customs duties and do not need to worry about the limit on the quota for purchases abroad". This makes sense thinking about a Free Shop, but even there is usually a second purchase limit of US $ 500, that is, curious that they sell a US $ 1,600 MacBook Pro there.

Apple shop at Duty Free Dufry in Guarulhos

The article states that the 16GB iPhone 6 is going for US $ 735, or about R $ 2,560 at the current price well below the R $ 3,149 that Apple Brazil charges, already with the 10% discount on the purchase. Apple TV costs US $ 84, or R $ 293 the official price seen here from R $ 359.

THE MacMagazine get in touch with Apple Brazil to try to better understand how this new space works.

(tip from Hugo Balieiro)