Due to sanctions, Apple starts removing Iranian apps from the App Store

Officially, as informed by the New York Times, Apple * does * have a presence in Go. And the reason for this is simple: sanctions imposed by the United Nations (UN) severely limit the commercial relations of companies in the United States with Iran and since Apple is an American company, it must follow such rules.

This is not to say that there are no Iranians using iPhones there, as there is a huge underground market (for iPhones coming from places like Dubai and Hong Kong). And where there are iPhones, there is demand for applications / services. Thus, Iranian companies and developers end up making their creations available in App Stores in other countries such as the American App Store itself. Just to illustrate, it was exactly what happened with Snapp, a service similar to Uber quite popular in the country.

Last February, Apple asked Iranian developers to remove any payment options from their applications, thereby preventing Iranian money from entering the U.S. and sanctions from being breached. Iran then developed its own internal online payment system (shaparak). After Apple's notification, almost all Iranian apps, including Snapp, started using shaparak, cash and other payment methods.

Snapp office in TeerSnapp office (service similar to Uber), in Teer

This week, Apple removed Snapp from its app stores. Not just him: Iranian apps (be it food delivery, shopping or any other category) are gradually being removed from Ma stores.

In a message to such companies / developers, Apple informed that it is acting in accordance with the sanctions regulations imposed by the USA and, therefore, it cannot host, distribute or do business with applications or developers connected to certain countries. Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr confirmed the story, but declined to explain further details on the matter.

Interestingly, Google (an American company, like Apple) allows Android developers to publish their apps on the Go, as long as they don't involve purchases. And the search giant does not appear to have taken a similar action against Iranian apps on Google Play. The formal guidelines of the Mountain View giant’s store allow apps to be distributed in the country.

We'll see if anything changes in this scenario (either from Apple or Google) in the coming days

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