DuckDuckGo now uses Apple Maps in its search engine.

Last month we gave you a tip on how to improve your browsing security by making a basic change to Safari settings for Mac and iOS by simply changing the default browser to the default. DuckDuckGois a privacy-focused service that promises not to collect any kind of data or navigation traits from users.

Now DuckDuckGo is even more complete: service managers have announced that the search platform will now incorporate apple maps in your results, bringing a much broader return for searches of businesses, addresses, locations around the world, and more.

Apple Maps appears in both "standard" search results and a separate tab called "Maps" so you can search for locations directly on it. DuckDuckGo holds the promise of not capturing user information, stating that in the case of local searches, location data is discarded as soon as the task is terminated.

DuckDuckGo notes that one of the first services in the world to make extensive use of MapKit JS, An API released by Apple in the middle of last year that allows you to embed company maps in any website or application. Previously, the search platform used the much more limited and less comprehensive OpenStreetMap database; Now the change puts the duck service (almost) on par with Google and Microsoft.

The question remains, of course, if Apple Maps in itself can compete with competitive services.

via MacRumors