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DuckDuckGo Enhances Dark Mode Apple Map Integration and More

At the beginning of the year, we commented here that Maps Apple would get their first "official" version on the internet through the search service DuckDuckGo, which would use Ma's platform to deliver results from businesses, addresses, locations, and more. Months later, integration is stronger than ever, and DuckDuckGo today announced a slew of news that will make this integration even better.

To get started, you will no longer need to return to a traditional DuckDuckGo search page every time you are viewing a map and want to search again. DuckDuckGo also updates search results every time you move or zoom the map to show only locations within that area.

Still related to this novelty, from now on the service will bring suggestions of results within the area displayed by the open map. That is, if you search for ?caf? when viewing your neighborhood on the map, the search suggestions will only display results within that area which makes the place finding process much simpler.

Want more? DuckDuckGo will now display a map-related tab in any search performed in the tool, and not just those where you are searching for locations. In addition, the platform now integrates with Apple's Dark Map Mode when switching to Dark mode DuckDuckGo, the maps will also change to dark view.

The search engine development team ensures that a commitment to privacy remains a key factor in DuckDuckGo's development; Personal and identifiable information, such as the IP address, is not shared with anyone, and site searches are discarded immediately after use.

via 9to5Mac