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DualShock 4 support on iOS / iPadOS 13 will turn iPhones and iPads into “PS4s Mobile” with Remote Play app

As detailed in this article, Apple announced in WWDC19's keynote that tvOS 13 (and, later, we also discovered iOS 13 and iPadOS 13) support the Xbox One S joystick and DualShock 4from PlayStation 4.

With regard to the second, the thing is even more interesting.

Today's #WWDC Update: Official support for DualShock 4 reaching iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS this fall. We will keep you posted!

The inclusion of controller support in systems is certainly directly related to Apple Arcade, a game subscription service that Ma will launch over the coming months. However, it is worth remembering that since March, with the PS4 Remote Play app, remotely play PS4 titles on your iPhone or iPad.

Now you just added one thing to the other: yes, with DualShock 4 connected to the iPhone / iPad running Remote Play, the devices basically turn into “PS4s Mobile”!

# IOS13 allows users to connect their PS4 controls to their iOS devices and I can confirm that Remote Play works perfectly (at 60 frames per second and (Full HD resolution) 1080p). #apple #playstation

Obviously, as we all know, not all PS4 games are compatible with the Remote Play app. Still, a very crazy scenario.

PS4 Remote Play app icon

It's worth noting that for a long time Microsoft has been working on a similar solution for its console called xCloud. May she arrive soon!

via MacRumors