Dual SIM (support for two chips) is already working on iOS 12.1 beta; Brazilian operators position themselves

O iOS 12.1 beta was released last week with some news, including the return of FaceTime tests in groups, codes indicating the arrival of new iPad Pro with Face ID (working with the device both vertically and horizontally) and references to a sync feature Animojs and Memojis through iCloud. But the news didn't stop by, no.

As the 9to5Mac, the resource Dual SIM (support for two chips) will probably show up in this update. This, however, does not mean that anyone can set up two phone numbers on their iPhone XS or XS Max once the update is released. For this to happen, you necessarily need a QR code generated by your operator to configure everything and this code (or additional information) will only be released if the operator in question is already fully prepared to work with eSIM (electronic chip) ) of the new iPhones.

Here in Brazil, as we have already informed, the only operator that works with such technology is Claro. Not surprisingly, it is the only one to support the Apple Watch with cellular connectivity, as indicated on this page, Ma's smartwatch also uses eSIM technology to connect to 4G / LTE networks.

For those running iOS 12.1 beta on an iPhone XS or XS Max, just go to Cell Phone Settings to view the configuration details of the resource. In this section, you will find information on both your line activated with the physical chip and the line linked to eSIM. As the feature is not yet activated, you will see the information ā€œAdd cell planā€. When touching this link, I need to scan the QR code provided by the operator, which contains details of all the settings needed to activate the second line.

It is also possible to add the information manually (SM-DP + address, activation code and an optional confirmation code) to configure this second line by touching the link at the bottom of the QR code verification page.

Dual SIM in iOS 12.1 beta

The German website iPhone-ticker.de reported (Google Translate) that some users of the operator Deutsche Telekom are already managing to use the feature, with the iPhone showing the signal bars for both lines in the Control Center. In the United States, operators Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have said that they will support Dual SIM even though no time limit has been given for starting such support.

Supported feature carriers are listed on this Apple support page.

And the Brazilian operators?

O got in touch with the four largest Brazilian operators to find out when they will support Dual SIM here. Here are the answers:


Claro was the first to support eSIM technology in Brazil. The technology allows to activate mobile services without the need for a physical chip installed in the device.

The Apple Watch Series 3 with cell phone was the first connected device to operate with the technology and Claro is currently the only Brazilian operator enabled by Apple to offer connectivity via cellular network to the device. In addition to allowing the watch to be used even away from the smartphone, the Claro Sync service allows you to use the same number and the same plan as the smartphone on other connected devices.

Regarding the new iPhone models, the manufacturer has not yet released the official commercial launch date in Brazil. The models sold by Apple in Brazil are customized and optimized for the technical characteristics of local mobile networks. To ensure the best performance and make the most of your new smartphone, along with all the new features of the Brazilian mobile networks, we recommend waiting for the official launch of these new products in Brazil.


TIM will guarantee the operation of the new iPhones approved by Anatel and sold by Apple in Brazil with the SIM Card 4G TIM. We still do not have any information regarding the operation of eSIM technology in new products and how to use Dual SIM in these models. Soon we will have compatibility not only with this solution, but also with the Apple Watch that is already being sold in Brazil.


Vivo is guided by the constant innovation and high quality of its services, and is already working to offer eSIM functionality to its customers.


Oi informs that it will commercialize the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices in its portfolio, as it identifies that there is consumer interest in these products. The company adds that it has studies on eSIM technology in progress to evaluate the best way to make it available to its customers.

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In case you wanted to know a little more about how the Dual SIM feature works, we made an article talking specifically about it.

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