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Dual camera and iTunes Season Pass yield two more lawsuits to Apple

Recently, Apple Park legal desks have agreed on two new envelopes containing lawsuits concerning two very different aspects of Ma's products.

Season Pass

The first of these, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter, has to do with the feature Season Pass, from the iTunes Store. For those unfamiliar, it is a tool that allows users to buy the entire season from a series before its completion (or even before it starts) by paying in advance, new episodes are downloaded to your account as soon as become available, and you receive an email warning that the new content is now ready to be watched.

Steve Jobs at Apple Event Talking About the iTunes StoreSteve Jobs at Apple Event Talking About the iTunes Store

The point is that a group of consumers have been hurt by the tool because of a particular aspect of it: Apple has a habit of displaying, at the time of purchase, the total number of episodes the consumer is purchasing, but this number also takes into account clips. promotional or other content that does not constitute ‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ chapters of the series in question. As a result, a class action lawsuit was filed in a federal California court; Apple is being accused of misleading advertising, unfair competition, fraud and other crimes under US law.

One complaining party claims to have bought a Season Pass from the series ‚ÄúGenius: Einstein‚ÄĚ for $ 25 with the impression that it would receive 13 episodes of production; In fact, there were 6 episodes (which is the total number of chapters of the season, good to remember) and 7 promotional videos. Similar cases were reported by serial plaintiffs as Killing Eve, ‚ÄúThe Americans‚ÄĚ and Westworld.

"Until Apple redesigns its iTunes Store, or is prohibited from continuing to make false or misleading representations, plaintiffs and other consumers will continue to suffer this continuing harm." Ma did not comment on the matter.

Dual camera

The second process of the day hits a completely different area of ‚Äč‚Äčbusiness than the hardware one. How did you bring the AppleInsider, Ma is being sued for alleged patent infringement on dual camera applied to many of your recent iPhones, from the iPhone 7 Plus at the iPhone XS Max.

IPhone Xs Rear Camera

The action is being moved in a Northern California district court, and the plaintiffs are Yanbin yu and Zhongxuan Zhang, a duo that claims to have filed in 1999 (!) a patent describing technology similar to that used by Apple in its most expensive smartphones. The patent describes "digital cameras using multiple sensors with multiple lenses" to improve image quality, and provides technical details on how the proximity of two distinct lenses can be used to capture "different intensity" images, one used to enhance the other. .

Apple, for its part, also has its patent registering the intellectual property of the dual cameras. Their application for registration, however, was made in 2008 and granted in 2012. The complainants claim to have contacted Ma in 2011 to advise about the "Coincidences," but conversations with Ma's legal department broke down after a while without a satisfactory solution, they said.

Yu and Zhang claim damages for years they say have been damaged by Apple's infraction; Ma, in turn, did not speak.

via Apple World Today