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Dropbox wins Brazilian version and gets closer to the user

Whenever a service is available in Europe, my first reaction is to see if the Brazilian version already exists, as there is a tendency for more people to use these resources when they bring a version in their mother tongue. It seems that I'm not the only one who values ​​this, because Dropbox developers finally brought the Portugus (Brazil) version of cloud file sharing and synchronization service. With it, we also had access to some curious data about the behavior of the Brazilian, such as the fact that during the carnival, over 1 million photos were added per day to Dropbox through the Camera Upload feature.

Dropbox Brazil

Last week, a ComScore survey reported that Brazilians spend 27 hours online per month, Latin America's largest average of this statistic, internet access via smartphones and tablet had a record growth of 6% in the country in 2012. The evolution This relationship with the Internet on mobile devices is confirmed in the example I cite about Dropbox's Camera Upload function, because the service can only be used via smartphones and tablets using the user's data plan or via Wi-Fi … and 1 A million images a day added to the service is no small feat, even for a country with continental dimensions such as Brazil.

Another interesting point, most Brazilian users use Dropbox for backup purposes, much more than for sharing data. Incidentally, outside South America, Brazilians share information with users from the USA, Mexico, England, Germany, Spain and Portugal, in order of importance.

Despite brushing some numbers about the Brazilian market, the Dropbox team did not disclose the exact number of users in the national territory, but the marketing manager ensures that accompanies world growth exponentially.

Anyway, with this platform update, Brazilian users now have the Portuguese version of the Android program and application. At the same price, there are also Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, and Mega, each with its differential, of course.

In addition to this, a new notification menu will be launched later in the day, in all available versions, so stay tuned for the app update on the Google Play Store.

And does, in your opinion, offer a service like Dropbox in the mother tongue of the Brazilian (Portugus) makes the difference? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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