Dropbox Transfer, the competitor of Firefox Send, available to all users

Dropbox makes its new service available to everyone, competing with Firefox Send and WeTransfer.

Thinking of transferring files in an uncomplicated way? Dropbox has just launched its sharing service to compete with Firefox Send and WeTransfer.


File sharing and transfer services are becoming increasingly common, especially with the growing wave of distant jobs. And I'm talking about all kinds of work, be it paid work or some group activity. Transferring files turns out to be very practical, instead of always having a USB stick. Better to be cautious in cases where the use of some physical media is possible, by the way, better to have a plan b (maybe a c). Already on occasions when physical media cannot be used, such solutions are perfect.

In launching Mozilla's solution, we covered in an article you can check by accessing this link. Since its announcement, I have been using the Firefox Send, and now Dropbox offers your alternative. Services intended for fast shares are known, another very famous is the WeTransfer. Called from Dropbox TransferThe Dropbox solution is also free and has some advantages. After a long beta period, about four months, it is finally available to all users. When announced, we comment on the solution and we demonstrate some of its aspects. dropbox-transfer-firefox-send-wetransfer-sharing-shared-link-web-files-download

To add files and share them with third parties, you must have a Dropbox account. The same may be the free version, since those who receive the download link need not have an account. Transfers are valid for seven days after shipping in the free Dropbox version, for Professional 30-day, Business Advanced 60-day, and Enterprise or Education users can last up to 90 days.


Account type also interferes with the maximum upload size of each file, going from 100 MB to basic and increasing to 2 GB (Plus and Business Standard) to 100 GB for Professional, Business Advanced, Enterprise and Education accounts.

You can access the launch announcement on the official Dropbox blog by this link. To make use of Dropbox Transfer, simply access here and log in with your Dropbox account. The service, for now, can be accessed via the web or by Dropbox app on iOS. Probably the desktop app and its Android version will be coming soon.

Each alternative has its pros and cons, as I mentioned I've been using Firefox Send and now I have one more to test and analyze the strengths and weaknesses.

Use this kind of service, what do you think about Dropbox Transfer? Leave us your feedback and join our community Diolinux Plus forever stay on top of news.

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