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Dropbox goes back now to support file systems beyond EXT4

After much controversy and claims from Linux users using other file systems, Dropbox supports these formats again.

Last year, we reported that Dropbox would no longer support file systems other than EXT4, bringing with it much discussion and claims from users of other file systems. It looks like we had a plot twist in history. Dropbox goes back and now supports file systems besides EXT4 About two weeks ago, a new version of Dropbox beta appeared on the official forum and it was mentioned that support for file systems beyond EXT4 would be back.

The supported systems are: ZFS, eCryptFS, XFS (these only for 64-bit) and the BTRFS

The Linuxuprising report on file syncing using Dropbox in these formats happened without a problem. Please note that the dropbox page for Linux supported file systems is out of date (as of this writing), but can be updated at any time.

Another point to note is that the new Dropbox desktop application is not yet available for Linux, Windows and macOS only. But you can use Dropbox as usual as usual.

If you want to install the Dropbox at the LinuxYou can go to your page and choose the best form for your system. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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