Drop tests prove: iPhones 8/8 Plus need to live inside a case for the peace of mind of their owners

We already knew. We have known since the first rumors started to emerge. We already knew when Apple announced them, and we already knew when Apple said iPhones 8/8 Plus it is the “most resistant ever used on a smartphone”. Yes, we always knew that these would be devices, as a rule, more fragile than their aluminum predecessors.

At the time of launching the devices, we already showed some drop tests proving our suspicions. Now, a few more videos arrive to reinforce this understanding and help us to conform to the inevitable fact: these are devices made to live in cases – in case you don’t want to live a life of constant stress and worry, that is.

This video above SquareTrade is the best of them because, in addition to testing both the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus in a number of falling situations, it also throws the Galaxy Note8 on the cake (if you’re finding the number of comparisons of the iPhone 8 with the Note8 exaggerated today, I’ll understand).

In this way, we can be even more saddened by the fact that basically all contemporary smartphones (Moto Z Force, you stay out of this one) are treading a never-ending path of fragility and “disposability” – that is, at least until a new Nikola Tesla finds a way to enable wireless charging through metal.

SquareTrade crash test with iPhone 8, 8 Plus and Galaxy Note8

In the tests, the three devices had their glasses – both the front and the rear – shattered, cracked or cracked in some way in all situations, from the lightest to the most drastic.

Although iPhones were relatively more destroyed after the whole ordeal, they received lower “breakability” rates than Note8 (67 for the iPhone 8, 74 for the 8 Plus and 80 for the Samsung device) for a simple reason: while Apple smartphones continued to function after the crashes, phablet South Korean simply crashed after all, losing many points.

This other video, from the channel TechRax, pits iPhone 8 Plus against 7 Plus and… well, you can already imagine the result.

While the front glass suffered equally on both devices, the latest device had equally disastrous damage to the back – and considering that the cost of repairing the back of the iPhones 8/8 Plus is more than three times that of the referring to replacing the front panel, maybe this is the final argument to convince you to put a case on your phone. The design weeps, but peace of mind is grateful.

via BGR