Drone smuggling iPhones

Drones are used to smuggle more than R $ 260 million in iPhones to China

As technology advances, it appears that criminals are also catching up and creating increasingly crazy ways to cheat.

It happened in Hong Kong, where smugglers were using drones to transport iPhones – which are cheaper there – for mainland China.

Drone smuggling iPhones

As the Reuters, authorities arrested 26 suspects who used drones to carry two 200-meter cables between Hong Kong and mainland China, with iPhones reconditioned to the full value of 500 million yuan (more than R $ 260 million).

The group of criminals operated during the night, after midnight, and, using small bags on drones, managed to pass 10 iPhones in a few seconds. It is estimated that they could smuggle up to 15,000 iPhones in a single night.

Regulations on the use of drones are very important in China, as the country is the largest producer of drones for consumption. The rules regarding them are quite new, introduced last year to prevent some aircraft accidents, and require device owners to register them (up to a certain weight).

THE Legal Daily stated that this is the first case found in China in which drones are used to commit “cross-border smuggling” crimes – that is, at least that they know about, right? I just hope this fashion doesn’t catch on.

via 9to5Mac