Drone riders will need to pass mandatory test in UK

THE Civil Aviation Authority of UK has determined that drone pilots will have to pass a mandatory test before flying their unmanned aircraft through the region's airspace. The system requires users to make a personal online registration of their drone and then pass a thermal test.


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According to the website Engadget, registration costs 9 (R $ 48 in direct conversion), but requires operators to take an online educational course as part of the process. According to the British authorities, one of the benefits of the system is that it offers a way to connect drones with their owners. This will serve both to return aircraft when they are lost and to ensure that they are piloted responsibly.

After registration is complete, the owner of that drone will receive a unique code that must be placed somewhere visible on the gadget to be identifiable. Children under 13 years old will be able to fly drones even with the new regulations. All they have to do is the theoretical test and a parent or guardian will register for them.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Still, each registered drone will have only one official operator, who must be over 18 and charged with ensuring that only people with a valid pilot ID control their aircraft. This registration must be made by November 30, 2019.

All advertised rules apply only to drones weighing over 250g. Those who fly an unmanned aircraft above this weight and can not receive fines of up to 1000 (R $ 5,252) from next month.

Official Website: DJI Mavic Mini

According to the publication, legislation like this is already having an effect on the design of new drones. Some companies are starting to take special care to keep their aircraft below the minimum registration limit of 250g in the US and UK. This is the case of DJI Mavic Mini, for example, which weighs exactly 249g.

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