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Drone Phantom 5 would have been canceled, but DJI Nega [ATUALIZADO]

Updated on 28/04/2019 – 17:20

DJI commented informing The Verge that it has nothing to cancel and that at no time confirmed or announced the development of Phantom 5, and the leaked photos a few months ago, as it has previously reported, is about A version developed for a customer and not the new version of the Phantom line.

Rumors of a new version of the Phantom line have long been rumored, but with the great success of the Mavic 2 models, perhaps the company has rethought its strategy, as with the purchase of Hasselblad and advances of the new Mavic 2, there is little point in making any sense. Phantom-sized drone if a Mavic 2 can do everything as well as it gets, the big difference being camera issues.

The Chinese technology company, DJI, would have canceled the launch of its flagship commercial drone Phantom 5, or at least what multiple sources with knowledge of the subject indicate. According to the website Drone DJ, the product manager responsible for the new version of the aircraft would have even been reassigned to another project within the company itself.


Absence of drone in stores fueled rumors of arrival of Phantom 5, which did not materialize

The supposed cancellation of the drone comes as a big surprise, especially considering the leaks that have already been published regarding the product. Phantom 5 has already appeared in a version with interchangeable lens system, in what would be a "Pro"or"Hasselblad"

Official Website: DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

It was speculated that DJI had already developed four different fixed lens options for the product. The line would include focal lengths of 16mm, 24mm, 35mm and 50mm. The base version would have only one zoom lens and would cost about $ 1,700, according to initial rumors.

The Phantom Series is one of DJI's leading and most iconic drone lines and is responsible for bringing the brand and its drones to global success. According to the Drone DJ website, this cancellation would be something analogous to Porsche discontinuing the 911 sports line.

The first DJI Phantom came out in January 2013 bringing a camera GoPro for recording amateur video and movies. It could only record about 10 minutes of video with a full battery charge. J o Phantom 2 Vision arrived at the end of 2013 with a single axis gimbal and a 4GB microSD card. With the launch, the company had already doubled flight time to 20 minutes.

The most recent version of the series was the Phantom 4 RTK, which arrived in October 2018 and was specially designed for high precision aerial mapping through a real time kinematic positioning system. Since then, the product is the only Phantom that has not yet been removed from the company's official store.

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