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Drone Mavic Air 2 cost $ 799 dollars according to new leak with more photos

On the 27th, next Monday, DJI has a marked announcement that, due to several leaks, this is no longer new for anyone, it is the drone Mavic Air 2. According to new site leak DroneDJ, O Mavic Air 2 cost the same $ 799 as the first model when launched there in 2018, speaking of the basic package. The site even reports that the price of $ 799 would be $ 120 less than the original model, but the current price of $ 919 for Mavic Air is not the price it cost when announced. In fact, some drones are among the few products that can not only maintain the price, but increase over the year.

Leakage indicates value of $ 799, the same as the first Mavic Air when launched in 2018

In addition to the alleged price, still unconfirmed, the DroneDJ website also leaked several photos, confirming that the Mavic Air 2 is practically a smaller size Mavic 2 with regard to the visual part. The battery slot, the camera design is very similar to the Mavic 2 Pro, and even when opened, everything resembles the best drone in the Mavic line, in fact, better in parts, and the new small drone from DJI will bring some features better than the Mavic 2 line, like the 34-minute flight range.

Highlights of Mavic Air 2 leaks:– Price starting at $ 799 dollars- Model with and without ADS-B sensors (aircraft / helicopter detection) – 4K camera (60FPS rumors) – 48MP camera sensor- 34-minute flight range- 8Km control distance – OcuSync 2.0 with 1080p quality in the video transmission from the drone to the control – Sensors on the front, bottom and back

Another very important information was confirmed, it has a 48MP sensor, it is "printed" on the front of the camera, this being one of the highlights of the drone, since we did not have a sensor of this size in any other model of this segment (Autel models EVO2 cost twice as much). Although some leaks indicate that it will record at 4K 60 FPS, this information is still not certain, if it really happens, it will certainly make this product even more interesting, as it will be very pleasing to the public who uses the drone for professional purposes in capturing of images. I remember that in 2017 DJI bought Hasselblad, a renowned brand of cameras and lenses, and the Mavic 2 Pro was the first drone to officialize a company camera, but certainly models like the Mavic Mini and the new Air 2 have the finger of company in this regard.

First segment drone with 48MP sensor

The official announcement will be on the 27th, next Monday, so keep an eye on our website for everything about this one that promises to be one of the best drones launched in 2020.

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