Drone industry should be worth a total of $ 1.5 rail by 2040

THE drone industry should continue its strong growth over the next decades, with the firm specializing in market analysis Morgan Stanley predicting that the drone segment will reach a total value of $ 1.5 rail by 2040. In addition, analysts at the company also point out that unmanned aircraft will move $ 100 billion by 2020. .


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This means that the drone industry has the potential to increase in size by 15 times over the next 20 years. Much of this is due to the new uses that are now being developed for this type of aircraft, including within emergency military services and even in the private transport segment.

"The drone industry is expected to reach $ 100 billion worldwide by 2020 with military applications representing the largest market share at $ 70 billion. Consumer drones are expected to represent $ 17 billion while companies and various governments represent the last US. $ 13 billion. "CNBC report on the drone market

According to experts interviewed by CNBC, the expectation that the use of drones will grow in all three segments. At the same time, production costs are likely to decline and the technology behind these drones must become increasingly sophisticated. For home consumers, the primary use of this type of drone is in compact drones for recreational photography.

For the commercial area, drones are used in sectors such as transportation, agriculture, construction and even disaster disaster. On the plane, drones can facilitate safety inspections from the use of their cameras to check hard-to-reach areas.

Source: CNBC

To top it off, there is also the military use of unmanned aircraft. In this segment, armed forces from different countries can use spy gadgets, to assess the battle situation, to gain tactical advantage in clashes and even to shoot targets.

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