Drone flies over Apple Park, shows R&D building already occupied and gives us architectural orgasms [atualizado 2x: mais vídeos!]

Traditionally, we bring here month by month videos of drones do (almost ready) Apple Park captured by YouTubers Matthew Roberts and Duncan Sinfield.

This time, however, we are breaking the protocol and bringing up this footage of Igor America.

Why? Because she is simply phenomenal.

What images, little brother!

The video, besides being a delight for the eyes, still gives us interesting information: the Research & Development (R&D) building of the new campus, which for obvious reasons of secrecy and anonymity is a separate building from the large spaceship, it is already being properly occupied by employees in the area.

In addition, on the video it is possible to observe the landscaping in the surrounding area, which has already been completed and admire the architectural details of structure and lighting.

Norman Foster, you little bastard.

Other noteworthy data: the installation of solar panels on the top of the buildings has already reached 80%, while the Steve Jobs Theater has its spectacular curved glass still protected and it seems to be in a not so advanced stage if they want to present the “iPhone X” for There, they will have to run in these next months.

After watching this video, considering the current unhealthy state of my bank account, I am officially presenting my application to enter MM Tour VI by hiding in someone's bag.

Who qualifies?

(via AppleInsider)

Update by Rafael Fischmann · 03/30/2017 s 12:03

As expected, today the video produced by Matthew Roberts:

This is likely to be the last before Apple employees begin to occupy the new campus, as the company recently announced.

(via MacRumors)

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann · 03/31/2017 s 08:37

To close the month window, here is the video Duncan Sinfield: