Drone comes VERY close to fighter jets in the USA – Watch the video

We know that drones can capture incredible images from angles that humans could never achieve alone. However, a pilot recently decided to take a risk and shared a video of his ship flying VERY near the Blue Angels of the Navy, in the United States, that made a flight in formation.

The publication appeared online the day after the air show "America Strong"from the Blue Angels in Detroit, Michigan, on May 12. In just over a minute, the pilot makes four very dramatic passes, as the DroneDJ, by airplanes. In the latter, it is even possible that the drone was less than 30 meters from the chaas.

good to make it clear as soon as the channel Moss Photography informs that not responsible for filming – the video is just a republic. So much so that the title says "on my video, stop reporting me".

The images are certainly impressive, but we must not forget that this flight could have ended up in serious trouble. To begin with, drone safety laws worldwide do not allow ships to fly so close to airplanes, helicopters and derivatives, it is quite risky to do so without authorization – and, if it’s not obvious yet, illegally. In addition, depending on the size of the drone and the situation, there is a clear chance that the spacecraft will hit one of the jets, be shot down and still cause some air accident involving the pilots. Some more rules for drones include:


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– It is not allowed to fly over people. – It is not allowed for flights to interfere with manned aircraft. – It is not allowed to fly recklessly or irresponsibly.

So far, there is no certainty as to who the responsible pilot is. At the beginning of the video, there is an identifier that reads @GIOLUCIA – corresponding to an Instagram account that has been disabled. Moss Photography explains that his team downloaded the video from a Facebook page entitled Mr. Lucia, which is also no longer working.

Here in the Connected World, we have a full article explaining everything I need to fly a drone in Brazilin addition to rules for taking ships and batteries into planes.

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