DRONE captures images of shoal with +/- 200,000 FISH - Artisanal Fishing from TAINHA

DRONE captures images of shoal with +/- 200,000 FISH – Artisanal Fishing from TAINHA

Quick Reading

  • On the 8th we filmed shoal estimated at 200,000 mullets with a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone
  • The images were captured mainly with the Mavic Air 2 drone, but also Mavic 2 Pro, GoPro HERO8 Black, iPhone 11 Pro and Canon 5D Mark VI
  • We did not receive any sponsorship to create this video

On June 8, Monday of last week, Ricardo Laske, my cousin and who helps me with some reviews here at Mundo Conectado, sent me an audio from one involved in artisanal fishing informing him that he should go to Praia do Santinho here in Floripa, because he could get good images with the drone (fishermen call him "the drone guy there in Zinga"). That day local fishermen from Santinho spotted a school of mullets estimated at 50,000 fish on the northern shore of the beach, which borders the Praia dos Ingleses.

That message came just after noon, as he couldn't go and I was anxious to be able to catch a good amount of fish, so I changed my schedule and went there. From our office in the neighborhood of Trindade, about 32km away, just over half an hour since there is no traffic at this time.

FISHERMAN: "Run to Santinho and take the drone that has a school of 50,000 mullets on its back"

I arrived at the beach, accompanied by my daughter Luisa, as expected many fishermen in expectation, but no movement indicating that they could make the wool of the net that day. We climbed on the back, captured some images for the review of the Mavic Air 2 that I am testing. I always point out that Santinho is one of the most beautiful beaches in Floripa, I especially love this side of the back, where there is precisely a statue of "Santinho", let it be said in passing, that it was vandalized.

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After a few minutes, we headed back to the beach. We stayed there for a while, the end of the afternoon approaching, no traditional excitement that something would happen, we went in the car to leave our sneakers and a backpack, and we went back to the beach for the last look, you know the one that can never cease to exist? the last peek?

Ohhhh Fabio, you will not leave before you go up that drone and send it where the fishermen indicate !!!

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Well, there was no drag that day if that's what you wanted me to say, but in that look I found the Nando, who sent the audio to Ricardo asking to go check the school with the drone, he is involved in fishing and buyer of the mullets when there is a good number of fish, since if it is not very large, they are divided among the participants . Nando was the one who sent the audio to Ricardo at the beginning of the story. Nando soon took me to see the Rudinei, supervisor of the Santinho fishermen group, a group led by the Mr. Domingos, the owner of the network. I arrived with the drone, they were in a group of about 5 people, including Rudinei's daughter, who already cheered up my daughter Luisa, she madly wanted to leave because the cold also came with dusk. I quickly assembled the Mavic Air 2, like other models in this DJI drone line, are quickly ready to fly. I called and guided by Rudinei: "follow it to the back, go very close to him and the water"

I did what he asked, incidentally, I had already done minutes before when I went up with Luisa on the hill of the back, but as I lifted the drone there from the top, I did not approach it to the water, so I had not seen anything unusual. Now I went with the drone coasting the back, with it very close to the rocks, but this time, also very close to the water … no fish, they asked to see where the drone was, I raised the camera that was facing down, and it was almost in the "little house" that they set up in the fishing season to serve as shelter from the rain, cold and landing at night, then they ask? Going further? It was about 350 meters from where I raised him, then I said: It goes very far, up to 10 km. Really? Seriously! Then play more … I continued, no fish, until I reached 500 meters from where I left and about 250 meters inland.

When the drone reached those 500 meters away, finally mullets began to appear, at first, not many, and when I say that, I say a few dozen in the field of view of the camera facing downwards. But the drone can go well beyond, and that's what they wanted to see, so play ahead they asked. I played, and for another incredible 500 meters, the further it went, the greater the number of mullets. At one point, I lifted the drone up a bit to see more mullets, because they were already moving out of the camera frame, it was impressive.

FISHERMAN TO SEE DRONE IMAGES: "Thanks to GOD, there is a lot of fish"

But what caught my attention that day was not the amount of fish, which they estimated at around 200,000, far more than the 50,000 they imagined before I arrived with the drone. What really caught the attention were the comments of the fishermen who were involved, such as: "Give it a minute now", "thank God", "come see and see, there are a lot of fish". The drone will not help them at all in the next day's fishing, ZERO, but the drone had a role that I thought was really cool, to give an injection of nimo, because artisanal fishing has absolutely nothing glamorous, nor is it a diversion or it spends time, artisanal mullet fishing is a very important moment in the lives of thousands of people, besides fishermen, from the neighboring community of the beaches where fishing takes place . Many people get involved, simple people, but who need to work together, and of course, in most of the wools in the network, they are unable to catch large quantities of fish. An example of technology working in harmony without harming nature.

The artisanal fishing that we witness has absolutely no process with the help of something motor, totally manual

I offer a very important detail of everything, "FISHING ARTISANAL", there is absolutely no equipment like some electrical or fuel machinery, that was one of the things that impressed me most, everything was great and as Rudinei told me, they have a boat more than 200 years old, but it is getting more complicated to take over time, precisely because it is a fishing that seeks tradition above all, and it is not easy to compete with the evolution of other types of fishing, such as industrial.

The development of this story? Well, that you follow on video, which happened the next day, June 9, a Tuesday starting at 6:00 am for us, but before for the fishermen. On that day Ricardo arrived to help, we went early to follow the whole process that will stay in our memories, going far beyond fishing, but also in valuing small things, the effort and work together, and valuing tradition, especially when it comes to artisanal fishing, which is part of our culture and helps many families.

My thanks go to the fishermen of Praia do Santinho, a place I started to visit because of my wife's family, and ended up becoming the beach that I most like to go to in Florianpolis, being part of many of the content that I generate here for the Connected World, now a little more.

I would also like to thank my cousin Ricardo Laske, a spectacular and beloved guy, who always helps me with drone reviews, a lover and photography enthusiast, by the way, just on that day he celebrated his birthday and ended up getting incredible images as gifts. I also have to highlight our new editor, Paulo Silva, our recent editor is responsible for editing this video, and I edit my friends, which brings you closer to what we spent that day, even if it is something that must be witnessed, whoever gets the viewer closer to the moment, whoever does the editing.

I take this opportunity to thank FlyPro, a store specializing in the sale of drones and which sent the Mavic Air 2 to us, after all, had it not been for the drone sent by them, I would not have been able to capture the beautiful images of that day, we will not even have one for review.

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