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Drone captures how every single station on Kotisaari Island in Finland

Landscape Photographer Jani Ylinampa used a drone to capture the beauties of Kotisaari Island, at Finland, over the course of the four seasons of the year.

The first image of 2015, when the photographer recorded an area photo of the small island in the middle of the Kemi River. The image viralized on social networks, which convinced Ylinampa to try to capture the site in different months.

Until 1980, the island used to be a meeting point for the lumberjacks of the city ofRovaniemiin the region of Lapnia. Today one of the region's buildings has been transformed into a tavern. Tourists can reach the place by ferry.

"Seasonal changes in Lapland are drastic and this small island is the perfect way to demonstrate them. Especially in winter, I need the weather to be dry so the propellers don't freeze."

– Jani Ylinampa, photographer

Check out the images separately below:

Via: Drone DJ Source: The Guardian