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Draw Something Free | AndroidPIT

Anyone who likes to draw hand may want to take a look at this app, which turns your smartphone into a screen.

Draw Something Free is an app, or a fun way to explore your artistic talents, at least to the extent that digital drawings on a smartphone can be considered art. If you are interested in stimulating the left side of your brain, read on.

Functions & Usage

Okay, it's almost certain that Draw Something Free won't make you the next Pablo Picasso, but it will allow you to play a fun guessing game with your friends. And as you score points, new features come on. Sign in through Facebook to start a competition with your friends or Draw Something Free aficionados, using their username, or to choose your opponent at random. of challenges, why not invite your friends to a challenge. If your friend can identify what your artwork is meant to be, you will both get credit points. The most interesting function is undoubtedly the ability to see the development of the drawing, each line that has been drawn or deleted in a video. Whenever you guess what your opponent has drawn, you can start creating your design. Before starting a drawing, you can choose one of three topics and three levels of difficulty. Once the bombs needed for the topics are gone, you will have to buy more credits. When you start drawing, you only have the following colors available: black, yellow, red and blue, and of course you will be entitled to use a pen and an eraser. To make things more interesting, you can always check your results and compare them to your friends.

Bottom line: A great and addictive app for those who like doodling, regardless of their age. Use credit points to get more colors and functions.

Screen & Controls

Draw Something Free fun nice view thanks to good graphics. It has advertising "banners", which is a misfortune, but the app is generally well designed.

Devices that come with pens, such as the Galaxy Note, are especially good for using this app. You can literally draw on the screen, and the result is much tidier and more accurate than using your clumsy fingers.

Speed ​​& Stability

Draw Something Free works well enough and its performance goes smoothly.

Price / Performance Ratio

Draw Something Free can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.