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Draw Something fans outraged by the app's new permissions

An update to the Draw Something app – a hugely popular drawing and guessing game – made many fans indignant. The app now asks for permission to read and send SMS, without explaining why.

At this time, we don't know what is happening with these permissions or why they were added, although we have tried to contact OMGPOP, the app developers and Zynga. As many of you know, Zynga bought the team behind Draw Something for $ 200 million 2 months ago.

Since it was purchased by Zynga, Draw Something has been updated only once yesterday. The new update makes it possible to comment on the drawings, but also this new and unpleasant permission. Some disturbed users have already started posting 1 star reviews on the Google Play app page.

Google warns potential users that apps that need SMS access may end up maliciously sending messages without your confirmation or monitoring your communications.

According to Forbes magazine, Draw Something has been losing 5 million users per month since it was acquired by Zynga, indicating that the app's exodus has begun. Anyway, for the nearly 10 million people who continue to use the app, this update can be disturbing.