Dozens of projects show geekness at the Codebits Contest

The projects that garnered the most applause and votes mixed jokes, jokes related to the event, girls, beer and some geekness that Codebits participants who entered the event’s programming contest had been asked. Altogether 74 projects took the stage that had 90 seconds to show what they were worth.

When showing the work done by the teams during the three days of Codebits, nervousness also attacked, although the warning launched by Celso Martinho, technical director of SAPO, at the beginning of the presentation, was that this should be another moment of fun and networking, to add 3 unforgettable days.

Looking for recognition from their peers for the most creative ideas, or even projection for the market, the best projects were voted on by the audience, although afterwards the final choice was sanctioned by a small jury to control eventual failures. The debut of the public voting system put the weight of “groups” and “friendships” to the test, but it also showed that the enthusiasm for voting – negative or positive – was greater at the beginning.

Over the course of two hours, the 74 groups were showing their proposals, with an inclement time counter that cut the word after the given 90 seconds. After presenting each of the projects, the audience with portable computers used the voting system available on the website, guaranteeing that they could vote only once for each project.


As you would expect, not all projects have the potential to become products and services, nor the ambition to do so, but among the ideas, some tested this philosophy, such as the one that proposed improvements to SIBS’s Mbnet, or the one that implemented a system of One Time Password, which was eventually awarded with one of the prizes.

Many games, different applications that reflected the interest in social networks, and different implementations on Android were also part of the diversity of projects that were presented yesterday.

The winners were only known at the end of the night and are, in alphabetical order:

  • cyclops
  • Cython protobuf generator
  • Math4Kids
  • Playsketch
  • Supond – Apple Time Machine-like Interface for Your Lifestream
  • TV Movies
  • Time-based OTPs
  • Truz-Truz
  • Verbatim Quiz!
  • widgetize

Among the prizes for the winners were Xbox game consoles, MacBook Pro laptops, iPod Nano music players, wireless keyboards, Arduinos, HTC Android phones and even puffs.

The repetition of Codebits for next year is already guaranteed, in an event that Abilio Martins, director of PT Comunicações, wants it to be part of the annual agenda of all those interested in technology.

Editor’s Note: The link has been corrected.