Gmail changes ad display system

Downloading Gmail Files via Drag and Drop

I'm a Gmail fan, I don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone. Being my primary email for over five years, I was able to track your progress over this time. These evolved, which made me fall in love with him even more.

Looking back over your updates since the beginning of this year, we see that your security has been tightened (1) (2) (3), a organizing your bookmarks perfected, allowed the insertion of images directly in the body of the messages, made it easier to attach a file with the drag and drop option, has won HTML signatures, besides allowing now that multiple accounts are accessedat the same time from the same browser.

Despite all this news, I recognize that Gmail is not perfect. And, thanks to the forum, I have the opportunity to experience the difficulties and complaints of its users. Yes, there are many. It would be ridiculous to compare with the universe of approximately 200 million users, but not the least of the service staff. I can even guarantee that all user complaints are taken into account. There is a great demand for a feature, for example, the possibility of its deployment studied and, being feasible, it is added to Gmail (even via Labs).

But not only on complaints that the Gmail team works. Innovate and maintain the most up-to-date service that guides its developers.

Thinking of innovation, Gmail has just gained the option of the user saving files attached to messages on his computer. For this, just that the user access the message with the attachment, click on the link Download or over the file cone, and drag it work area or desired folder. As with a normal download, the progress bar will be displayed and after its completion, simply access the desired file.

The news is also available for Google Apps users, but only Google Chrome users can make use of the new option.

And you guys, what news would you like to see in Gmail?

Thanks to the friend Newton Mota for the tip!