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Download: three news that are coming on WhatsApp and you need to know

WhatsApp gets a lot of news, mainly through the beta program where users can test new app functions in advance. The Android version will get a lot of news soon, and in this article, you find out what changes are coming.

The first news is not exactly something new, because we already talked here on the site. These are the group video calls that have leaked into WhatsApp's own hands. During the demonstration of the real-time location sharing feature, the company displayed a screenshot of the feature. According to a survey of the WABetaInfo website, the messenger should soon get news and support calls for up to three contacts simultaneously.

Whenever a participant is added to the group call, either voice or video, the encryption key will change, meaning the environment becomes even more secure. However, there is no prediction to start testing this tool. Now, regarding the features under test, we have the following:

  • Press to unlock itA: A contact can now be unlocked through the contact list with just one click. You should go to your contact catalog, search for a blocked name, click and hold for a few minutes until the unlock option appears. Before you had to open the contact, go to your profile and unlock it.
  • Shake to report: You will be able to report a user, either corporate profile or private group, just by shaking WhatsApp. This will make WhatsApp aware of possible abuses, scams or other scams that are happening in violation of the app's security and privacy terms. The feature is being tested to a limited extent.
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WhatsApp latest features beta / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
  • Invite Link: Only the iOS version had the ability to send links as group invitations. Instead of adding a contact to a closed group, you can go to the group settings and send a link to some invited contact. Only the group administrator has this access.

How to download WhatsApp beta

To try out WhatsApp beta features I need to sign up for this link. Beta updates are released by Google Play. After registration, wait a few minutes for the first beta update to be released. You can exit the program at any time.

What did you think of the new features?

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