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Download this screensaver with a variety of Apple stylized logo animations

Who here remembers an Apple event where the company created dozens of different versions of press invitations? For those who don't remember, we are talking about several stylized Apple logos the event, after all, was the stage for the presentation of the new iPads Pro and the second generation Apple Pencil.

The developer Pedro Carrasco decided to take these logos, give them a nice “cheer” and turn it into a cool screensaver, available to those using macOS El Capitan 10.11 or higher.

Installing screensaver is very easy: download the file on this page. Because of the macOS protection system, right-click on the file, then "Open."

The system will alert you that it is an unidentified developer (if you know what you are downloading, as in this case, there is no problem with that); click "Open" again.

Screensaver Brooklyn

If you want to erase the protector, just go to System Preferences Desktop and Screensaver Screensaver. Find "Brooklyn", right-click on it and then "Delete Brooklyn". Alternatively, you can go to / Library / Screen Savers or / Users / USERNAME / Library / Screen Savers it all depends on whether you installed the protector just for your user or for all Mac users.

Screensaver Brooklyn

The protector does not require internet connection, has a light / dark theme, option to choose which animations (among 62) you want to see, repeat the ones you like most and set a completely random order for the animations. 😉

Nice, no?

via Redmond Pie