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Download the Android 4.4 dialer on your mobile

With Android 4.4 KitKat, Google brought news such as Hangouts for messaging, Google Experience Launcher (for now only for Nexus 5) and advanced dialer. Of all of them, the calling app was only available for Nexus devices … until now. If you have root access to your smartphone and are running an Android 4.4 custom ROM, thanks to the folks at Android Police can already use this tutorial for installing KitKat dialer on your smartphone.

Google dialer kitkat
Google Dialer or Google Dialer! / AndroidPIT

Technically, Google Dialer (official name) is not part of KitKat as it is not included in AOSP. It is alternative software for the standard AOSP dialer, as is the Google Play Music app, which replaces the AOSP music app, or Chrome, which replaces the AOSP browser. The name "KitKat Dialer" was chosen because Google launched the app on the Nexus 5, which was the release with the Android 4.4 KitKat version.

Kitkat dialer
The Google calling app the Dialer! / AndroidPIT


For this process to work fully, you will need root access the device and a custom ROM (official or alternative) from Android 4.4 KitKat:

The app can only make calls if you have root access. Thus, it is highly recommended that the native calling application be maintained, although redundant. If you do not have root access, the application will only provide search, that is, functions similar to those of the "Yellow Pages".

As a matter of filters, you need a launcher, so we recommend Nova Launcher. This will be necessary because the application icon may not appear. To fix this, you must access Nova Launcher settings by pressing and holding the home screen, then select Shortcuts> Activities> Google Dialer or Dialer, open it and select "Phone".

Attention! This software is not official, so there are always risks. Neither I nor AndroidPIT will be responsible for any problems arising from this process.

Dialer kitkat 4 4


Dialer installation can be done either through APK or ZIP file. The files you find below:



Root dialer kitkat 4 4

How to install KitKat Dialer or Google Dialer

  • Download the ZIP or APK file.
  • If you decide to ZIP, you will need to flash it via recovery mode.
  • If you chose APK, you have to manually copy it to the folder / system / app-priv
  • In addition, you also have to change the permissions of APK to 644, once you have moved to the appropriate folder.
  • Restart the system.

According to the staff of Android Police, there are some bugs, so as mentioned above, keep your AOSP dialer, however, there is no need to keep it as the default calling app. And how about the experience?

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