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Nokia has announced to the world its first tablet running Android, the first device as a company independent of Microsoft. Just like any manufacturer, the Finnish puts over its user interface Android, in the case of Nokia called Z Launcher UI. For brand fans who have sympathized with the skin or for those looking for an objective and organized launcher, Z Launcher Beta is available on the Play Store.

nokia n1 tablet teaser
Nokia N1 runs with the Z Launcher UI interface. / Nokia

Still in beta stage, the simple launcher but with a very simple dynamics: search through gesture writing. It replaces the home and application drawer, where the user can type a letter, symbol or full word, in the style swype, so the search returns applications, documents, or emails.

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Written by manager indexes files and applications. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>In 3 days of use, the application corresponded to 7% battery consumption, below Spotify or WhatsApp. For some reason the launcher is restricted in some locations and various devices, so you can download APK <strong>through this link</strong>. Or directly on the Play Store via the button below.</p>
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Z Launcher Beta
Install on Google Play

So, which Nokia device launcher will you use on which device?

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