Download: Google Maps gets a new look and gets even more practical

Download: Google Maps gets a new look and gets even more practical

Google Maps is a complete service. Google maps plot routes, point out stops, restaurants, offer Street View, and countless tools that make our user experience even richer. Today, Google is releasing an update to the look of Maps.

The features that will come with this update are two, and are very useful. The first of these is a new look for maps and icons showing available services or establishments. What Google wants to offer here is a more intuitive experience, easier for the user to understand, and less cumbersome for when Maps is used on the mobile internet.

In addition to the colors, Maps will show different icons by country. The cone of a hospital in Brazil will not be the same displayed in China, for example. Banks will also display the currency symbol of a given country, differentiating Euro from Dollar or Real, for example.

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New look of Maps / Google

Another point that Google is improving the context, the second improvement of this update. It turns out that now the services or establishments you are looking for most will receive a differentiated highlight. The idea that Maps is more in line with the needs of users.

google maps new ui 2
New Maps / Google Elements

Integration with Google services has also been optimized. Google Calendar, Android Auto, Gmail, and more are now more in tune and can execute commands within Maps. It is worth remembering, however, that this update is being released via the server, ie it reaches your smartphone sporadically in the background. When in doubt, always keep your Google Maps up to date:

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