Download Free Games on iTunes (iOS): Complete Guide

IPhone, iPad and iPod Touch games are great forms of entertainment., helping to pass the time faster wherever you are. The best in iTunes d to find games for all tastes.

Among the main game styles from iTunes, iOS app store, are action, adventure, arcade, board, card, casino, dice, puzzle, racing, RPG, strategy and sports options.

The good news that Most of these games can be downloaded for free on your smartphone or tablet. Not sure how to do this? So check out a complete guide on how to download free games from iTunes and get your favorites!

How to download free game on iTunes

Downloading iOS games is a relatively simple procedure, but one that requires fundamental detail. You must have an Apple ID to download the apps.

If you have already used other Apple services, such as iCloud, you already have an Apple ID, just use it to start an iTunes / AppStore session, which will allow you to download.

Don't have the Apple ID? No problems, you can create it quickly, uncomplicated and online. To do this, follow this walkthrough:

  1. Visit!&page=signin;
  2. Scroll down, identify and click Create your Apple ID;Download Free Games on iTunes (iOS): Complete Guide
  3. Enter personal data, such as first and last name, country and date of birth;
  4. Create your Apple ID and password;Download Free Games on iTunes (iOS): Complete Guide
  5. Work out answers to safety questions;
  6. Select whether you want to receive email from Apple about news;
  7. Enter the characters of the image generated by the site to authenticate your access;
  8. Click Continue.

Ready! Your Apple ID has been created and can be used to search and download free games from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch app store. To do this, adopt these recommendations:

  1. Open iTunes / App Store on your device;
  2. Login using your Apple ID;
  3. Tap Games, available from the menu at the bottom of the store;
  4. Scroll down to the Top Free menu. To see all the most downloaded free apps, swipe the list to the side;
  5. Tap on the game you like best to see detailed information about it;
  6. Select Get and the download will start automatically. After the installation is completed, tap on the game icon to open it and have fun!

How to download specific free games on iTunes

Someone pointed you to a free game and you want to download it, but don't know how and what to do to find this app? In this case, follow the recommendations below:

  1. Open the iTunes / App Store;
  2. Touch Search, item located in the bottom menu of the page;
  3. Enter the name of the application you want to download;
  4. A list of similarly named apps will be displayed automatically. Select what you are looking for;
  5. Did you check the description and does it match the app you're looking for? In this case, tap Get and the download will start automatically.

Extra Information and Tips on Downloading Free Games on iTunes

  1. It may be that before starting the game download the Apple ID will be requested once again for confirmation only. If this occurs, type the information in the field indicated on the page. If Face ID or Touch ID are set, you can also use them without entering data;
  2. Read the app description before trying to download itThis will make it possible to verify that your smartphone, tablet or iPod has the recommended setting to run the game;
  3. You may not be able to download the game that piqued your interest and the biggest culprit is the lack of memory / reduced storage capacity.

To get around this, check and delete apps you no longer use, to make room for new ones. Also, back up your files, which can be done via iCloud (cloud storage service), for example;

  1. Check periodically if your device's iOS is up to date. This is an important recommendation because some games are only compatible with newer versions of the operating system, so keeping it updated avoids problems when downloading.

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