Research indicates high interest in an “iTV”, but product price is a concern

Doubtful rumor discusses possible arrival of iTV OLED with integrated Siri by April / May

, had already been several weeks since the last hot rumor about the possible arrival of a iTV then someone "had" to launch something new. This time, speculation came from TechnoBuffalo, which talks about the arrival of an OLED television from Apple until April / May, with integrated Siri.

Apple iTV - OLED TV

Much of the information, according to them, would have come from a source inside a "large electronics retailer", which would have already had access to prototypes of the product cited as "beautiful and very thin", with 42 inches.

In addition to Assistant Siri, iTV could also be controlled by iGadgets (as well as the set-top box Apple TV) and it would also have a facial recognition feature that could turn it off automatically if the person left the room.

To be really, a grand launch like that coming soon after when the iPad 3 is awaited?

(via iLounge News)