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DoubleTwist Player, the best music player for Android [Gratuito]

Photo Playback: Google Play

In Moto G the Android is very clean, closest to what we call "Pure Android" so that what we see in it is actually Android as designed by Google without the redesigned interfaces like Samsung does with its TouchWiz, in this case the App responsible for "playing music", say, Google Play Music, App that has several features but that in my opinion asks a lot in a major issue that is easy to get to the music I want!

On Samsung Android they themselves develop a different player, which I liked, although simple and very functional, but as my Galaxy j was past I needed to find an App able to meet my needs, after running a little Play Store and test several I found one that really liked a lot.

Double Twist Player

It is a free App with a "Dark and Blue" look like Diolinux;), and it is very organized and simple to move in addition to having all the good features you would expect from a player, sorting by artists, music, albums, managing playlists, Genres, plus it still has some extras like, Rdio, PodCasts and still plays video!

It has tools for searching files, deleting songs and a side navigation bar that allows easy access to all this, it also has the option to appear on the lock screen so you can control the player without unlocking the phone.

Although free to anyone interested you can unlock a Premium version by adding features such as AirSync, Alarm Clock, Airplay Recorder and a few more, but nothing to remove makes a huge difference for those who just want to listen to music.

Another thing worth noting is that the free version has no built-in advertising, which for me already makes shooting one of the best options, if not the best of all.

Download Double Twist Player Free

See you next time!