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Double the battery life on your Android with these seven apps!

In fact, we are always facing faster and faster processors, ever larger working memories, higher screen resolutions, and even or smaller batteries! Of course, there are batteries with more capacity than others, but in almost all cases the result of autonomy the same. So we now have seven apps to help you maintain your battery.

1. dfndr battery: energy saved without capped resources

PowerPRO is an application that tries to help the user without compromising their experience with the software. The app does not make your smartphone overheated or slow-moving, but dfndr battery is not an inefficient app.

In general, the dfndr battery offers an economy mode that is divided into situations such as night saver mode or user-predetermined times. The most radical mode is called "Ultra", and can be found in dfndr battery's "Economy" menu.

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dfndr battery / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
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PowerPro Battery Saver: Make Your Charge Last
Install on Google Play

2. DU Battery Saver: One of the Best

The DU Battery Saver is one of the best known battery optimizers, yet its fame is among the best. We did some testing with different devices and, interestingly enough, the app proved to be more efficient on models with the Snapdragon and Mediatek processor.

The "monitor" option tells you which applications can be terminated and which functions need to be disabled. The recommendation for termination of functions contributes to the user not having to disable useful options such as location services. You can download DU Battery Saver via the button below.

du batery
DU Battery Saver / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

DU Battery Saver – Battery & Battery Manager
Install on Google Play

3. Greenify: Closing Background Apps

It is striking that many Android users do not yet know Greenify. Thanks to this great app, you can save huge amounts of energy, especially if you have a lot of apps installed on your device. This without having to adjust many settings – just push a button.

The power of Greenify is to hibernate applications you select whenever the screen is off. This means that your device consumes minimum power levels when the screen is off, according to the apps you have chosen. Autonomy will grow significantly.

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Greenify / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
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Install on Google Play

4. Deep Sleep Battery Saver: Disrupting Connections

Also this app will save you a lot of energy when not using your device. Unlike Greenify, however, it does not directly intervene in apps causing them to hibernate, but intelligently manages internet connections that are active in the background.

As you well know, network usage is one of the most critical factors for battery consumption, and our smartphones are constantly connected to the internet. Think about WhatsApp, emails or all social media notifications: it's all thanks to the background services that continue to use the network to check for new messages.

ds batery saver
Deep Sleep Battery Saver / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Deep Sleep Battery Saver
Install on Google Play

5. Pixel Battery Saver: Erasing Screen Pixels

If so far we suggest apps to save battery while not using your smartphone, with Pixel Battery Saver you can increase the autonomy of your devices while using them. One of the main energy consumption of today's smartphones is due to the display, especially those of high resolution.

Pixel Battery Saver intervenes in particular on AMOLED screens, erasing a certain number of pixels. On screens with such technology there is no backlighting: each pixel has its own light. As a result, the higher the number of pixels, the greater the energy consumption derived from lighting, in addition to other factors.

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Pixel Battery Saver / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
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Pixel OFF Save Battery AMOLED
Install on Google Play

6. Advanced Task Manager: Creating Smart Saving Actions

Advanced Task Manager is an application with which you can automate any aspect of your device, and itself has no direct influence on the battery. However, thanks to its amazing properties, you will be able to create your own advanced energy saving profile that best suits your requirements and that you don't need other apps.

Based on the concept If an event happens> an action takes place, you can, for example, make the data connections automatically deactivate when you get home or when the battery reaches a certain level, or then reduce the brightness, deactivate Wi-Fi, etc.

advanced task
Advanced Task Manager / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Advanced Task Manager
Install on Google Play

7. 3C Battery Monitor

If we focus on the consequences so far, with 3C Battery Monitor we will look at the causes of the smartphone's runtime problem. Yes, the display brightness and connection consumes very much power, but the main problem could be the battery itself.

As you know, lithium batteries have a limited life, and their autonomy is reduced over time. However, it is possible to delay this process, especially if we prevent the battery from overheating.

3c batery
3C Battery Monitor / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

3C Battery Monitor Widget
Install on Google Play

How long is your smartphone battery? Share with us what you do to increase your life!

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