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Don't expect a 32GB RAM MacBook Pro this year

Do you know a similarity between the MacBooks Pro released in early 2011 (yes, over seven years ago) and today? Both support a maximum of 16GB RAM. At the time this was wonderful; not so much today.

In October 2016, this limitation was the center of a polemic, and Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing, gave an explanation. This came back shortly thereafter, and it came up to a rumor that Apple could temporarily adopt desktop memories in MacBooks Pro to reach 32GB of RAM.

Well, by the way it was boring and we were looking forward to new MacBooks Pro later this year. chip generation Cannon lake from Intel It is the first to support LPRDDR4 memories, but up to 32GB. Again, these new processors will be late.

Intel yesterday released its financial results for the first fiscal quarter of 2018 and, in an analyst conference, revealed that the mass production of chips Cannon lake It's only starting in 2019. They are already being produced in certain quantities, but the manufacturer has revealed that it still needs to solve some problems before turning the key once and for all.

That is, the MacBooks Pro that will probably be released this year will still have chips of the generation. “Coffee Lake”, 14 nanometers. In addition to LPDDR4 support, the generation Cannon lake be built on a 10 nanometer process meaning we can expect faster and more energy efficient chips as well.

The original generation release forecast Cannon lakeBelieve me, it was for 2016. That explains a lot why the rumors that Apple will adopt Mac chips themselves are so strong.

New Senior Vice President of Silicon Engineering

Jim Keller of Intel (formerly Apple)

In a related note, Intel has just hired Jim Keller as your new senior vice president of silicon engineering.

Keller was VP of the Autopilot team at Tesla since 2015, but before that he joined AMD, who hired him because of his excellent work at the PA Semi company Apple bought in 2008. He even worked on the first two generations of Ma chips, A4 and A5.

The executive will officially start at Intel this coming Monday, April 30th.

via AppleInsider, Apple World Today