Don't even think about forgetting it: MacBook should take “new life” in the future

WWDC ’09 was the scene of new MacBooks Pro, making the MacBook (now just snow white) the same as the model introduced days before. But don't you think that he is being forgotten by Apple little by little; In fact, what the future holds for him is just the opposite.

White MacBook

Sources linked to AppleInsider claim that the design of Apple's cheapest notebook is being redesigned, and should look thinner and lighter in the future. In addition, a reduction in price is also expected, thanks to the use of cheaper components.

Still, Apple should adopt technologies that are serving as a differentiator in MacBooks Pro, as a construction unibody based on polycarbonate and the sealed battery, non-removable by the user. On the other hand, the extinction of the FireWire 400 (without substitute) was considered.

Other speculations made by AppleInsider to decrease the MacBook's commercial value, they would adopt Atom chips and position it together with other products to form a low-cost line from Apple, which would also include the tablet that we hear so much about. But no one notices that, with the Mac mini in place of this mysterious product, Ma's product line is now more accessible than ever before.

With notebooks that serve this sector better than the current $ 1,000 MacBook, Apple is already getting a bigger share among low-cost manufacturers. On the other hand, I wonder if she was thinking of more daring things than just remodeling it: the way to wait and see.

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