Donald Trump is aligned with Elon Musk and defends authorization to reopen the plant in California

Donald Trump is aligned with Elon Musk and defends authorization to reopen the plant in California

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elon Musk decided to challenge the local authorities and resume production at the California auto assembly plant. Now, and making the situation more controversial, United States President Donald Trump guarantees to be on the side of Tesla's CEO, arguing that the state should let the company and Elon Musk open the factory. In this context of discontent, the future transfer of the factory to Texas is a possibility on the table.

With one of the measures around the world in the fight against the new coronavirus being the closure of factories, the case of Elon Musk's company was no exception. However, this Monday the tycoon announced on Twitter that Tesla would resume production, being aware that it would go against Alameda County rules, which it has since processed. "If any are arrested, let it be just me," he said at the time.

That same day, the company's CEO explained in another tweet that state authorities had approved the reopening, but that action had been blocked by local authorities. In addition, the entrepreneur was also disgusted with the fact that other assembly lines were approved to resume the activity and that of Tesla no.

The decision comes after the well-known arm of the California authorities. In April, for example, Elon Musk was against the measures of confinement and with the strategy of putting all people under house arrest ".

Two days after this decision, Donald Trump comes to show that he is on Elon Musk's side, arguing that California should allow the factory to reopen. The businessman replied to the tweet from the President of the United States, thanking him.

According to Reuters, this Friday the plant's car park in Fremont, Calif., Was "full" after Elon Musk's decision. This reality contrasts with that of last week, at a time when very few cars and trucks were seen in motion.