Dolphin Zero: The Privacy Browser

Yesterday Dolphin launched a new browser for Android that promises to protect your privacy when surfing the internet. O Dolphin zero Called by its own developers is Snapchat from browsers: Information about your internet activities is not archived, but deleted right after you leave the app.

Dolphin Browser

The success of messaging apps like Snapchat, with the self-destruct function of sent messages, is proof that users miss more privacy on the Internet, Dolphin developers believe. With Dolphin Zero, they now offer a browser that makes browsing the Internet as private as possible.

The application is an evolution of the previous Dolphin browser, and offers a much more advanced private mode than other browsers. When you leave it, all your personal data is erased, and the small symbol of the document destroying machine makes that very clear. In addition, Dolphin Zero uses the standard DuckDuckGo search tool, also known for its protection of user data. This does not, however, prevent you from searching Google or Bing.

Dolphin Zero uses DuckDuckGo as the default search tool. / Dolphin Browser

The following NO information is gathered, saved, or relayed by Dolphin Zero:

  • Data entered into forms;
  • Browser history;
  • Passwords;
  • Cache data and files;
  • Favicons;
  • List of user addresses;
  • Cookies;
  • Location Information.
When you exit the browser, your data is "shredded". / AndroidPIT

Browser Annimo Dolphin Zero
Install on Google Play

If you use Dolphin Zero, tell us what you think in the comments!

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