Dolphin Emu – One of the Best Ways to Play Heavyweight Titles on Linux

Excellent quality games for you to play on your Linux

If you are a recent Linux Gamer user you may not have suffered much from the adaptation, as many good games have arrived and are still coming to our platform, giving rise to even our Linux Games series. Heavy games for Linux There are several ways to play the penguin, including we have listed the most diverse ways to install a game on Linux in a very complete article, worth checking out. The big problem that still famous titles and big franchises like Resident Evil, Need For Speed ​​and Call Of Duty They still don't run natively on Linux, yet no one knows tomorrow. CoD Modern Warfare 3

It is possible to install Windows versions on Linux through WINE and Play on Linux, but not always the satisfactory result.

Dolphin the solution of problems

Dolphin is an emulator distributed under the multi-platform GPL V2 license that can emulate Nintendo Wii, Game Cube and Triforce games (which is a kind of GC-based Arcade) originally developed by F | RES & ector.

Dolphin Advantages and Features

One of the main advantages of Dolphin being able to run games on 720p or 1080pThis is something that not even the Nintendo Wii can do, often making the gaming experience better on the emulator than on the console itself.

Much support

Play with any controller

There is a very wide possibility of configuring controls, as you will know, many Nintendo Wii games have been adapted to play with Nunchuk, Zapper and Classic Controller, among other accessories that Nintendo has released for the Console, in Dolphin you. You can replace them all with the keyboard and mouse, and some games are best played with the help of a joystick that can be on the Play Station model and yet works very well.

Nintendo Wii Games


This may be one of the most important items, which games work on it?

In fact there are many titles, many indeed! To the point that your computer hardware is more important to run a particular game than the emulator compatibility itself (soon we will deal with hardware requirements).

If you liked the possibility of playing good games through Dolphin on Linux stay tuned here on Diolinux, follow us on social networks or subscribe to the Newsletter to stay informed as we will post many games for Dolphin here, but only those who we're sure they work, like Mortal Kombat Armageddon that was posted recently. One more demonstration that the community around Dolphin is very active, there is a list of star rated games on the emulator's own website, the higher the compatibility the more stars the game gets the more perfectly it runs, usually 4 and 5 stars present no problem. Three star games have some graphic or audible bug.

Minimum Hardware Requirements to Run Dolphin Emu

Like other emulators you need reasonably good hardware to emulate games, the minimum requirements are:

  • Dual core processor with SSE2 support (Pentium 4 or higher)
  • GPU with Shader Model 3.0 (cards from 2009)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 50 MB HD

And before you think you need an OffBoard card to run games, let me say that Intel integrated cards perform well when it comes to newer generations, Core i3 or higher.

Another valid tip for the system architecture, 64-bit systems run games on Dolphin with a few extra FPS, nothing that compromises much but for performance like a good option.

Why use Dolphin?

For the gamer gamers who use Linux especially, emulating through WINE can hardly handle great results, except for a few exceptions, Dolphin offers virtually perfect emulation of games with many possibilities and extreme quality.

Ubuntu Installation & Recommendations

As it should be, I have to talk about piracy, this topic is widely discussed, especially regarding the emulation of ROMs, both old and new, we recommend reading the following articles and give preference to original games.

And last but not least, installing this great emulator, see:

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